Graphic design

Concept ERROR 2021
My version of a Microworld Maribor 2021
Concept of a RedBull & Lamborghini Race Boat Graphics 2020

Concept for POWER-PDR 2020

RedBull Study 2020 

Concept art for project ERROR 2020

Concept Burning Logo on Car for Power PDR 2020

Concept Burning Logo for Power PDR 2020

iPhone Walppaper
Magazine Cover HOLZKURIER
3D Layers for a short promo video LEDINEK 2016
Study/ Riverbed
Color test
Concept for the project BE PREPARED 2016
Concept art FLOATING ROCK CITY 2016
2D work 2016
Graphic Design Work of a Interface for BSS Team 2016
Graphic Design Work 2015
Example of Graphic Design Work 2014
ZW3D Hot Rod Design 2015
Concept/ Kitchen A1
Concept/ Kitchen A1
 Study/ Brake Levers 2015
Study/ Brake Levers 2015
NASA Handrail Clamp V2
Study/ Construction 2015
 Gfx for Black Shadows syndicate
 Gfx for the Movie The Saga
  Gfx for the Movie The Saga

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