Tuesday 7 July 2020

First time Nikon

Hallo my digital world! I hope you are all doing well in this Covid era…
A lot of things has changed since my last post, but nothing particularly did influenced on my work. The same struggle as before…I did only postpone some filming projects! So, I gave myself a blast with a testing a Nikon stuff.
Love to put hands on stuff I never did. I am not a person that is influenced by just one manufacturer or Brand, that gives me a lot more space to experiment and not to been limited.
In this short period of time…love the handling, colours but I hate the speed, it is namely slower that I used to work with but hey, still no reason to panic.
That’s why I plan to make some landscapes and wild animal photo. Tendency to make more photo then video for 2020 is just because of the current situation.



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